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Hats Mod 1.7.10

Category: Aesthetic
Tags: clothes , hat

The “Hat Mod” adds, well, hats, but it is not as boring as it sounds! In this “Hat Mod,” animals and monsters swarm in every biome while wearing hats! some are easy to kill, such as a pig that is wearing a “Dr. Who hat,” and some are much tougher, but once you defeat them, you can snatch their hat right off of their dead corpse!

Finding all of the hats on your list, that is provided with the mod, becomes addictive. You will search high and low for hat.You will only think about hats! You will live and breath hats! You will curl into a ball and cry for hours twitching when you just cannot obtain the hat you want, and finally a close friend, who you have lost touch with due to the hats, will bring you to an intervention disguised as a surprise party. You will refuse to remove your beloved hat and then be escorted by armed guards and committed to a Minecraft o hats aloud rehab clinic. Hopefully you will be able to turn your life around….

No, in all seriousness it is addictive, but not quite to that degree, maybe ;)

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